Nude Cleaners
We do not supply cleaners any longer!
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As girls wanting to work you can contact us through

The service - now withrdrawn!

This is not a prostitution service - no sexual services are offered whatsoever. This is a display service for voyeurs.

Nude cleaners are just that - nude when pretending to do the work. They are usually young women (sometimes couples), generally under 25 year of age, for women or men to hire.

They are called cleaners but that is to supply a 'reason' for them to be there and doing something, even rather badly, rather than just standing there naked for you to look at for one or two hours. She can stretch, and bend over and sit cross-legged on the floor while you watch (very closely if you like) - and she can role play a little. She can be photographed for an extra fee. She may have volunteered to use a vaginal or anal toy to provide more visual pleasure to you and this will cost you extra.

Cleaners are available only in the London area now - within about a 30 mile radius of the centre. Specify your location, the date and the approximate time of starting when you want to book them and leave at least two weeks before you want the girl to visit.

Once we have corresponded to ensure you know and understand the rules and we have identified a girl or girls who could do the job and ascertained that they are available, we would send you a photograph or two of all the girls available and you can make your choice to proceed or not and then pre-purchase your time.

This is not a service designed to be a gift for someone unknowing - it is essential they agree to the rules.

We have just launched a companion service without the overhead of the girls cleaning for you - this is just naked girls for you to look at and photograph called Nude-Friends or go to the Friends page on the menu here.

Call us on 07739 259247 to work here yourself or visit the page here called Apply for a Job.

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This work is only performed in a domestic situation with a single person observing. You must remain clothed all the time and you must not masturbate in her vision.

The girl(s) will do a striptease to naked when she/they arrive - then pretend to clean the house if that is wanted - as a normal cleaner but not a very good one and without wearing any clothes. The cleaner(s) deliberately promote views of their/her genitalia to the customers, even if this makes the particular cleaning activity more difficult.

You are not allowed to touch or molest the girl(s) and they/she is certainly not there for sex with you. You are however allowed and encouraged to watch the girl(s) intently and quite closely.

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Each girl costs you 300 per hour - which you must pre-pay by bank transfer - for each hour wanted. The minimum hire period is one hour.

If you want to take photographs, the girl(s) will allow it but there will be a written agreement they/she will give you, that you have to sign, which states that the photographs are for private use only and will never be published anywhere. We include the price of you taking photographs with the starting price charged.

You may ask for the girl to use vaginal or anal toys and you will be charged 100 per hour for each type of toy - again payable to us in advance.

So hiring a girl for an hour where she will allow photographs to be taken and where she uses a vaginal toy for some of the hour and also she uses an anal toy for some of the hour will cost cost you 200 (her presence) + 100 (photos) + 100 (vaginal toy) + 100 (anal toy) for the hour which is 500 for the hour!

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The girl will include in her role play vacuuming, dusting, watering plants, making beds, tidying rooms, washing and drying crockery and cutlery, washing windows and generally being helpful. She will also iron your clothes if you like. She will not do any messy jobs - like cleaning drains or toilets and they do not clean things very well, so do not expect it.

If you want your house cleaned properly then hire a much cheaper girl to do it, even straight after hiring one of ours for your visual pleasure.

If you attempt to touch the girl or misbehave the girl will leave instantly and you will get no refunds.

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You may pay us for everything by bank transfer to:-

United Kingdom:

* Account name: Chris Taylor
* Bank: Natwest
* Branch Address: Chesham
* Sort Code: 52-21-27
* Account number: 23501618

Call 07739 259247 if you want to book your cleaner, or email if you wish to discuss anything or pay by bank transfer.